Building for the future and creating community in Sioux City

What is the Residence at Elk Creek?

The Residence at Elk Creek is a unique, cutting-edge residential development that will allow residents to experience both the beauty of the Iowa countryside and the comfort that comes from premium amenities, an HOA, and close proximity to the stores and attractions Sioux City has to offer. Lots will be available for purchase in the summer of 2021, and triplex and duplex homes will begin construction in fall of 2021.

A beautiful place to call home

At Elk Creek, you’ll enjoy a variety of meticulously-maintained outdoor features that will make your new home a breathtaking place to live. A spacious dog park ensures that your favorite canine friends will be able to run free, without running amok. With an outdoor pool, six-acre pond, water features, and a surrounding walking trail, there are plenty of ways to get a breath of fresh air, right outside your door.

A Koskovich + Murphy development

Koskovich & Murphy Developments is the Sioux City-based company behind the Residence at Elk Creek. Koskovich & Murphy has developed a process designed to keep clients involved and up-to-speed throughout the entire project, ensuring satisfied, happy residents. With a dedication to high-quality materials and skilled craftsmanship, we can’t wait to see how they transform this community!

The plan

The plan

Community Park

Our substantial dog park and brand-new playground provide outdoor options your whole family can enjoy.

Community Clubhouse

With an indoor gym and access to community resources, The clubhouse at Elk Creek is your neighborhood hub.


As a member of Elk Creek’s HOA, you’ll benefit from perks like lawn care, snow removal, maintenance, and community landscaping.

Community Pond

A stroll on the picturesque trail around our six-acre pond is never more than a quick walk away when you live at Elk Creek.